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How to Negotiate Your Salary Do Your Research. Talk to people in your field and go online to search up the going salary for your position. Toot your own Horn. Come to the discussion prepared to talk about your accomplishments, contributions to the company or the unique skills and talents you bring to the table. Create a brag sheet—a one-page summary of your recent wins. Play it Smart. In salary negotiations, have a number in mind, but allow the employer make the first offer. Then state your expectation and take it from there. Start at the Top. If there’s a salary band, start at the top. No need to low [...]

March 30th, 2020|

Get to Know the Paycheck Fairness Act

To close the pay gap, we need good public policies at the state, local and federal levels. Encouraging women to negotiate a higher salary doesn’t do much if there are institutional and structural barriers that prevent her from earning her value in the labor market. These barriers include entrenched and institutionalized gender norms and expectations, pay secrecy, policies that allow employers to request salary history, and placing undue burdens on women to prove pay discrimination and limiting the remedies available to them. The Paycheck Fairness Act Would: Prohibit employers from using salary history which ensures that salaries are not based on prior pay disparities that can follow [...]

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Out in the Open: Stopping Work Retaliation Against Salary Sharing

You understand the importance of salary transparency. You know that you can better advocate for yourself when you know what your coworkers are earning. But what do you do if your employer has policies discouraging or preventing you from sharing salary information? And worse, what do you do if your employer threatens or punishes you for talking about your salary? Retaliation is a form of employment discrimination or harassment. It can take many forms including but not limited to discipline, demotion, firing, salary reduction, or job or shift reassignment. Salary sharing is a protected activity, meaning it is a federal labor right. But many employers, especially [...]

March 25th, 2020|

Spilling the Tea: Why Salary Transparency is Necessary for Pay Equity

Knowledge is power—especially when it comes to your paycheck. When employers are open about their payscales and criteria for evaluating raises and promotions, employees can make informed decisions about whether they are being paid fairly and whether it is appropriate to negotiate for a higher salary or promotion. This is important for all women, who earn less than men in all but five occupations, but especially important for women of color, for whom the gender wage gap is magnified by a racial and ethnic earnings gap. Employers who promote pay secrecy perpetuate the gender wage gap, as a result of which women earn $0.82 per $1 [...]

March 25th, 2020|

Meet David.

David plans to be a brain surgeon when he grows up and earn about $120K a year. David says that if he learned that a girl surgeon was earning less than him for the same job, it would make him sad and mad. He says it’s unfair for a woman that works hard to make less money than men do. We need allies like David in the fight for equal pay.

March 23rd, 2020|

Meet Kate.

Kate plays soccer in her local soccer league and aspires to be a professional soccer player. She thinks she’ll earn a couple hundred dollars a month as a professional player. Kate says that if she found out a boy soccer player was being paid more than her, she would do what the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team is doing—go talk to people about it and make some changes. She says as a society, we should all come together to pay women, men and people of different races the same amount of money. Kate’s right! Let’s all come together for equal pay.

March 23rd, 2020|

Meet Pepper.

Pepper is a second grader in Mr. King’s class at Lafayette Elementary School in Washington, DC. During our video shoot for equal pay day, Pepper was having none of our unequal pay shenanigans. At age 7, she already knows her value, and understands the meaning of equal pay for equal work. Good for you, Pepper!

March 23rd, 2020|